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The Bronx-based Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club has been duped out of a reported $875,000 meant for poor children and elderly Alzheimer's patients. Evan Montvel-Cohen, the former chairman of the much-hyped liberal radio network Air America, is at the center of the erupting scandal. Air America radio host Al Franken, punctuating his discussion with nervous laughter, called Cohen a "crook" on his show last week and confessed to his left-wing audience that "I think he was robbing Peter to pay Paul."

  (You can listen to Franken's odd discourse for yourselves here.)

 Curiously, Air America has shown little interest in urging law enforcement officials to track down Cohen and hold him accountable for "robbing" -- Al's word, not mine -- an inner-city charity in the network's name. Why is that? Franken says the subject of massive theft from one of the largest nonprofit charities for underprivileged residents in New York City is "boring."

 Yes. "Boring."

 Even O.J. Simpson still fakes occasional interest in finding his wife's killer between his rounds of golf. Franken and Air America management, by contrast, seem unusually eager to sweep the entire financial scandal under the rug. Meanwhile, the Boys & Girls Club hasn't seen a dime of the bilked money repaid. Hearts aren't the only things that seem to be bleeding at Air America.

 That is why I am volunteering to help Al Franken find the swindler and warn others about him. Free of charge. And I'm calling on my always curious, never bored, readers to fill the vacuum of outrage and join me in assisting The Search For Air America's Swindler.

 Here are a few clues and some helpful information I've gathered for Franken to share with his fellow Air America sleuths:

 Cohen reportedly told the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club executive committee last year that he needed money to cover medical expenses for himself and his father -- "a businessman in Asia," according to the New York Sun, who was said to be "gravely ill." There's just one small problem with the sob story about Cohen's dad, though. He has been dead since 1991.

Michelle Malkin

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