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  "Operation Respect" was founded by radical lefty Peter Yarrow of the folk group Peter, Paul & Mary -- last seen in April publicly apologizing to Vietnam. During last year's presidential campaign, you may recall that Yarrow traveled and performed with his old friend and anti-war mate John Kerry, who pretended to smoke a joint while Yarrow sang the ostensible children's ditty "Puff the Magic Dragon."

 No wonder they favor "Ridicule Free Zones."

 The teaching materials for "Operation Respect" were created under the direction of Linda Lantieri, founder of something called the "Educators for Social Responsibility's Resolving Conflict Creatively Program." Educators for Social Responsibility promotes pedagogical material from the likes of the militant "War Resisters League" to "understand" war and peddles lessons on (hyped) anti-Muslim discrimination in America to "understand" the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

 Additional guidance for the lessons came from the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center. The program lays the groundwork for children to take a "peace pledge" and commit to non-violent conflict resolution to solve problems.

 Translation: Therapy and understanding over vigorous self-defense.

 In their brilliant book "One Nation Under Therapy," Christina Hoff Sommers and Sally Satel diagnosed the public school's pacifist pathology dead on:

  "American children badly need moral clarity. But our education establishment is too uneasy about the idea of moral judgment to meet this elementary need. Feelings of helplessness and disorientation are thoroughly, even compulsively, canvassed, elicited, discussed, and promoted; by contrast, feelings of moral indignation and condemnation are deflected and downplayed. This leaves children defenseless, clueless and unprepared to meet real and grave threats to their own and the nation's future."

 Just what we need to combat throat-slitting, suicide plane-flying Islamists: young eunuchs swaying to moldy old folk music while their "Peace Place" signs flap in the wind.

Michelle Malkin

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