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 Vietnam veterans see clearly through Fonda's ploy -- yet another insult to the memory of fallen American troops. Walter Inge wrote in a letter to the editor of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Despite repeated claims, Hanoi Jane Fonda has never apologized for her treasonous collaboration with the Vietnamese Communists. Writing that it was 'a betrayal' and 'a lapse of judgment' is a confession, not an apology.

 Henry Mark Holzer, co-author of "Aid and Comfort: Jane Fonda and North Vietnam," was more blunt on MSNBC's "Scarborough Country" this week:

She committed treason. She exploited and misused American POWs. She gave the North Vietnamese communists, with whom we were then at war, propaganda that American POWs endured unimaginable torture not to give them, she gave it to them for free. And, indeed, she caused the deaths of American fighting men and the deaths of our allies as well.

Meanwhile, Fonda's fellow Hollywood hippie leftover, Peter Yarrow, traveled to Vietnam last week "ready to get down on my knees as one American and say, 'Please forgive us'" -- a sentiment with which the unrepentant Fonda -- who has yet to apologize for those treasonous radio broadcasts -- no doubt concurs.

 No mind. Fonda's cynical non-apology "apology" keeps making headlines, just as she and her book publicists had hoped. This isn't about making amends. This is about making money.

 Me! Me! Me! Hanoi Jane rides again.

Michelle Malkin

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