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 In San Diego and Fayetteville, N.C., Code Pink -- co-founded by Medea Benjamin, a self-confessed fan of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez -- will target military communities at Camp Pendleton and Fort Bragg. The Code Pink web site informs its minions that "Beyond Fort Bragg, North Carolina hosts four other of the nation's largest military bases, making the state one of the friendliest to the military-industrial complex."

 Code Pink is the same group that champions military deserters and traipsed around the Jordan-Iraq border last year condemning America, praying for the "people of Fallujah," and doling out $600,000 in aid to what they called "the other side."

  "Oppose the war, support the troops"? Bull.

 The Bush-bashers, as always, have impeccable timing. Nothing highlights the bankrupt obstructionism of the anti-war movement more than the inspiring photos of the renaissance of freedom taking place in Lebanon. Contrast the faces of hope and defiance against terrorism pictured at the massive rallies in Beirut's Martyrs Square this week with the faces of Bush hatred and capitulation to terrorism that you'll see this weekend. Any question about who's winning?

 Seasoned observers who cover the War on Terror in the "blogosphere" (the increasingly influential world of Internet weblogs) have a useful term for the American Left's protesters against progress: moonbats. Perry de Havilland of the blog Samizdata (samizdata.net) defined a moonbat as "someone on the extreme edge of whatever their -ism happens to be."

 Surveying this bizarre array of grim-faced parade organizers on the extreme edge of anti-Americanism, it's clear: The barking Left has been left behind. And it's driving them batty.

Michelle Malkin

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