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"I do not fault George Bush for doing too much in the war on terror," droned Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry at a campaign event in Washington this week.


"I believe he's done too little."

What was that? My ears perked up slightly. Would this "proven leader" who claims he will "stand up to the special interests" talk about the need for racial, ethnic, nationality and religious profiling? Would he attack the Bush White House for appeasing the ethnic grievance industry and keeping silly Norm Mineta in his Cabinet during these deadly serious times?

Or would he propose a temporary visa moratorium on terror-friendly countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Morocco? Or how about the open-borders lobby? Would Kerry have anything to say about the continuing security threat that unchecked illegal immigration poses to the "hardworking families" he claims to represent?


Kerry, you see, was speaking before the International Association of Fire Fighters, whose president, Harold Schaitberger, is national co-chair of the Kerry for President Committee. Their complaint is not that Bush has done too little to fight terrorism, but that he has showered too little government funding on certain Democratic constituencies. Hence, the First Responders Fake-out.

Kerry's big proposal to fight the global war on terrorism (borrowed from Bill and Hillary Clinton) is to add 100,000 "first responders" to the ranks of firefighters and emergency medical personnel in cities and towns across the United States. In other words: Wait until the terrorists strike us again and then do a really, really good job of cleaning up the mess afterward.

Of course, our brave firefighters, cops and emergency personnel need better training and equipment to respond in the event of another attack. But responders, no matter how courageous, prevent nothing. Dialing 911 is not the solution to stopping another 9/11.

"When it comes to protecting America from terrorism," Kerry complains, "this administration is big on bluster and short on action." And what does Kerry have to offer? More bluster about the old Clintonian "law enforcement" approach to prosecuting al Qaeda. More jury trials for terrorists.

Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin is the author of "Culture of Corruption: Obama and his Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks & Cronies" (Regnery 2010).

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