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One person who did talk openly about lax security measures involving the shipment of motorized U.S. military equipment is Gary Cleaves, general manager of the Maine National Guard maintenance center. The facility refurbishes and ships military Humvees and M109 mobile howitzers. Those howitzers, resembling large tanks, are capable of delivering nerve gas rounds and nuclear munitions.

Cleaves told investigators that no identification is required from drivers dropping off shipments at the National Guard site. The trucking company name and truck numbers on government bills of lading often do not match the trucks actually delivering loads. And no records are kept on who actually delivers shipments.

This is not the first time suspicious foreign nationals have been caught around the Maine National Guard site. In June, according to the Border Patrol, a Humvee was stolen from the Limestone facility. While searching for the missing vehicle, agents apprehended a Russian illegal alien nearby. He had a valid New York State commercial driver's license allowing him to haul hazardous materials and a pass that granted him access to sea ports along the East Coast -- including high-level security bonded customs areas. Also this summer, two other Russian nationals, dressed in military battle dress uniforms, were stopped by Canadian authorities as they attempted to enter the U.S. at an unguarded crossing approximately 20 miles south of Limestone.

The open-borders crowd will shrug this off as another case of an innocent "undocumented worker" just doing a job that "no one else will do." Why bother going after Levesque? He was just trying to "put food on the table." According to House Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, we shouldn't have our immigration law enforcement officers "terrorizing" and "terrifying" illegal alien workers.

Yeah, that's the ticket. Lock up the Border Patrol "terrorists," let the immigration outlaws loose, and hand over our Army Humvees and howitzers to whoever trucks across the border first. Homeland security, here we come.

Michelle Malkin

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