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Adelman's Web site is dedicated to depicting "truth in pictures," and it's why Streisand is so intent on squashing him. What really must bother Streisand is that anyone can now click on the Internet photos to see her six environmentally incorrect chimneys and chlorine-guzzling swimming pool. It's what the photos of Streisand's mansion don't show -- no windmill-powered generators, no electric cars, no "Small is Beautiful" lawn ornaments, no hemp curtains in the windows of her eight bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, no Scaasi evening gowns hanging outside to dry on clotheslines that should be strung between her precious parasols -- that expose the truth of her eco-hypocrisy best.

If Streisand hadn't been such an environmental nosybody herself, she might have used this incident to highlight the unfair bureaucratic meddling of the California Coastal Commission and its supporters -- who have harassed and abused law-abiding private property owners in the name of environmental protection for years.

And if Streisand had been less sanctimonious about energy waste, she might have been able to make an issue of Adelman's own false green piety in this matter. To take his aerial coastline photos, he flies in a gas-hungry, smog-producing Robinson R44, four-seat helicopter -- which, Adelman admits, "gets about 13mpg, approximately the same as most SUVs on the road today."

"We're aware that we burn fossil fuels operating our helicopter, and sincerely believe that the environmental good that will come from this project far outweighs the bad," Adelman says. For exposing Barbra Streisand's true colors -- not eco-green, but litigious yellow -- the project is well worth a little global warming.

As for Malibu Babs, if she is truly committed to reducing hot air and conserving resources, she can take two simple steps: Stop eco-preaching and put your lawyers back in their cages.

Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin is the author of "Culture of Corruption: Obama and his Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks & Cronies" (Regnery 2010).

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