Michele Bachmann

Year after year, Congress has failed to take advantage of clean nuclear power, failed to build new refineries, failed to tap into oil-rich resources in our country, and failed to utilize the genius of private enterprise.

As a result, Americans are dependent on foreign oil from unstable or dangerous regimes – and paying top dollar at the pump for the privilege.

Forcing a fad on the American people isn’t a real energy policy. It’s eerily reminiscent of Jimmy Carter asking Americans to turn down the heat and put on sweaters in answer to the 70’s energy crisis.

What Washington fails to understand is that freedom is not the problem: it is the solution.

America has the ingenuity, resolve and the resources to harvest all the clean and affordable energy we could ever need. But from exploring untapped resources to new scientific frontiers, this future is found not in handcuffing Americans but in unleashing the power of their free will.

Coincidentally, it’s the one thing Congress hasn’t tried.

Michele Bachmann

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann represents Minnesota's Sixth Congressional District