Michele Bachmann

Their “ethics” package was so flawed and so bankrupt of real reform that the new House leadership was forced to bring the bill to the floor via a cheap parliamentary trick known as a self-enacting rule. Under such a maneuver, Members take a single vote on whether to debate the proposal and upon approving debate the proposal itself is enacted and takes effect.

There was no ability to discuss alternative proposals – such as the one that the House Republican Conference offered. There was no ability to discuss the concerns raised by nonpartisan, experienced ethics attorneys that this proposal would interfere with honest and professional investigative processes.

There is troubling irony in passing ethics reform through such dubious methods.

And meanwhile, American’s demands for real ethics reform go unanswered. Congress has substituted partisan show trials for tough ethics enforcement.

This decision does a great disservice to the noble democracy we have been left by our Founding Fathers – a republic that has been a beacon of hope and light in a dark and dreary world. The American people deserve better than this.

Michele Bachmann

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann represents Minnesota's Sixth Congressional District