Michael Youssef

Today, it is being spread by intimidation of the UN, European Union, and United States, particularly the intimidation of some weak and hapless diplomats and politicians. In all of this, they are using billions of petrodollars as a carrot for their silence.

If we do not take action, we won’t even have to wait ten years before the world wakes up to discover that this nightmare is a reality. In this nightmare reality, good people will be dragged before international courts, facing financial and personal ruin for merely speaking the truth about Islam.

Unless courageous politicians who do “get it” are elected very, very soon, freedom as we know it will be a luxury of the past.

Michael Youssef

Dr. Michael Youssef is the author of 27 books including his most recent and timely Blindsided: The Radical Islamic Conquest. His blog: www.michaelyoussef.com Follow on Twitter: @MichaelAYoussef