Michael Whalen

What’s perhaps most significant about the current pace of regulation is the circumstances. The past three years have been bleak, and small businesses have greatly struggled to get by. Perhaps it is sensible to consider tinkering with regulatory policy during an economic boom, but it is extremely harmful to recovery to be doing so during a time of economic distress.

America’s businesses need all the freedom they can have to get back on their feet and start growing, and that is exactly what will lead to our economic recovery. We want businesses to feel confident enough to undertake new projects and hire new workers, not terrified of the bureaucratic traps that might lie around the corner.

Slowing the pace of regulation would be a big step on the road to economic stability. It would renew confidence that our government is working on our side, instead of against us. The longer we wait, the more small businesses will feel uncertain about the future, and unable to get America back to work.

Michael Whalen

Mike Whalen is President and CEO of The Heart of America Group which designs, builds and operates hotels, restaurants and commercial real estate throughout the Midwest. He is also a member of the Job Creators Alliance, a group of current and former CEOs committed to defending the free enterprise system. More information can be found at: http://jobcreatorsalliance.org