Michael  Steele

The personal appearances allowed voters to get to know Mr. Jindal and protected his image against the negative attacks and racist overtures by his opponents and the Louisiana Democratic Party. The voters in Louisiana put race aside. They looked at Mr. Jindal's proven ability to lead and they listened to his message of making Louisiana better — together.

Bobby Jindal is a true American success story. His family came to this country seeking opportunity and found it in Louisiana. And now, Louisiana has found its opportunity with Mr. Jindal as governor. The state has an incoming chief executive who is determined to restore the public's trust in its government and make Louisiana's economy an example that others will soon follow.

As we look to 2008 and beyond, the old rules no longer apply. Thank goodness. Mr. Jindal represents the next generation of Republican leaders who will define a new vision for our cities and our states. They do not fear change but rather embrace it with an understanding of the possibilities of tomorrow. Louisiana saw the possibilities of tomorrow and elected Bobby Jindal governor.

Michael Steele

Michael Steele is a former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland.
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