Michael Reagan

Now he's doing to Latinos what Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky allegedly did to the children of Pennsylvania -- using and abusing them. With his short-sighted politicking, Emperor Obama has hurt the Latino cause in the long run.

More important is his disrespect for the U.S. Constitution. When he was elected president, not emperor, he raised his hand and swore to uphold the Constitution -- the whole Constitution.

But like so-called "Cafeteria Catholics," who pick and choose which rules of the Church they'll abide by, or like those who pick and choose which of the Ten Commandments to follow, Barack Obama has become a Cafeteria Constitutionalist.

People on the right and many on the left are seriously concerned that we have an imperial president in the White House. Let's hope the America people will be made aware of it, too, because they're the only ones who can dethrone Emperor Obama.

Michael Reagan

Michael Reagan, the eldest son of Ronald Reagan, is heard daily by over 5 million listeners via his nationally syndicated talk radio program, “The Michael Reagan Show.”