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It has also been reported that Israeli officials have lately noted what they called "a marked increase in the pressure from Washington to more rapidly acquiesce to Arab land-for-peace demands." Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is reported to have said that Washington is none too pleased with Netanyahu's refusal to commit to the creation of a sovereign Palestinian Arab state with Jerusalem as its capital.

Netanyahu's conditions for Israeli acceptance of a Palestinian state warn that should the reconciliation accord between Hamas and Fatah, the two main Palestinian parties, lead to Hamas becoming part of a Palestinian government, no peace will be negotiated.

"A government, half of whose members declare daily their intention to destroy the State of Israel is not a partner for peace," he told the opening session of Parliament.

Past administrations, dating back to the Truman administration, have stood firmly behind the state of Israel, guaranteeing its security. That must continue to be U.S. policy.

During his visit to the U.S. this week, Netanyahu must be reassured that this policy remains in force under Barak Obama, and the president should treat him with respect and honor. He deserves nothing less.

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Michael Reagan

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