Michael Reagan

So in the strange world of Sheriff Dubnik, Rush Limbaugh's use of his freedom of speech in warning against the destructive policies of liberalism is "irresponsible," while his own poisoned rhetoric is permissible.

Incredibly, Dubnik has suggested that Uncle Sam put a gag on Americans by setting up a Goebbels-like "kind of commission" that would apparently "deal with civility and make recommendations on how to get it back."

That's apparently his view of what freedom of speech means -- freedom to have it regulated by Big Brother. Yet he insists he has nothing against what he called "heated arguments."

There's one consolation for having to put up with the rants and ravings of possibly senile public officials, and that is the fact that this guy is an elected official and the public can dump him if he stands for re-election. At that time they will have an opportunity to replace him with a new sheriff more like his colleague, fellow Arizona lawman Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Michael Reagan

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