Michael Reagan

These clergymen need to be reminded of Christ's admonition to the religious figures of His day when he called the hypercritical among them a "brood of vipers" for failing to do God's work and instead being immersed in secular life and pursuits.

I'm not suggesting that clack clergy should avoid commenting on political issues when those issues clearly involve matters dealing with faith and morals. Abortion is not merely a political issue that divides Americans -- it is a deeply moral issue concerned with a human being's divinely ordained right to life. It is an issue of supreme importance. It takes precedence over all other issues. A black pastor who fails to defend the right to life from the very beginning is a pastor who fails to live up to his responsibility to obey the laws of God and the laws of nature.

Nor am I suggesting that black pastors -- nor the pastors of any Christian sect, for that matter -- should be barred from commenting on issues that happen to involve both faith and politics. In that context, the matter of the renewal of the Bush tax cuts clearly lacks a moral basis. It's 100 percent a political matter and of concern merely to Marxists -- the most secular of all believers -- and not to men of the cloth.

It was, after all, a politician, Vice President Biden, who raised the tax cut issue to the moral plane when he called giving tax cuts to the alleged wealthy "morally troubling."

Michael Reagan

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