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Moreover, the FBI is currently looking into the activities of all those who had come into possession of the subject documents, especially those who provided secret information to Assange’s WikiLeaks organization. If they are found to be culpable they should be harshly punished.

There are problems involved in prosecuting the two men. Legal experts warn that prosecuting those charged with illegally leaking classified documents is difficult for a number of reasons, not the least being persuading foreign governments to hand Assange -- who lives abroad -- over to U.S. prosecutors.

It should be kept in mind that Assange and Manning are not the only entities who have put the American people at risk. Those in the media who couldn’t wait to publish the information given them by the pair are equally guilty of endangering the American people.

Indeed, it has been reported that DOJ is warning that media organizations could well be subject to prosecution, although that is said not to be in the cards because Justice fears possible violations of the First Amendment, and is fully aware that it has never prosecuted such a matter.

According to Kenneth Wainstein, former assistant attorney general in the national security division, "Whenever you're talking about a media organization, the department is going to look very closely to ensure that any prosecution doesn't undermine the valid First Amendment functioning of the press.”

Jeffrey H. Smith, a former CIA general counsel, noted that Assange is the DOJ’s target. "I'm confident that the Justice Department is figuring out how to prosecute him," Smith told reporters.

They need to go further than that.

They need to be figuring out how to hang him.

Michael Reagan

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