Michael Reagan

Republicans are not blameless in this mess. When in power, Republicans lost their way -- spending at historic rates. Our talk of fiscal conservatism was washed away by our actions when we were at the helm, and some of our own leaders are paying a political price this year.

What our representatives in Washington need to understand is that if each of us must to learn to do more with less during tough times, the government should be no different. Spending money that the nation does not have used to be easier to do, but those days are gone. Americans are watching closely -- and when their incumbent representatives act imprudently, they are willing to fire them.

The days of free-spending and massive national debts are no longer acceptable to voters -- incumbents beware.

Michael Reagan

Michael Reagan, the eldest son of Ronald Reagan, is heard daily by over 5 million listeners via his nationally syndicated talk radio program, “The Michael Reagan Show.”