Michael Reagan

But regardless of the High Court's ruling, these demonstrations are not likely to stop whether they receive a favorable or unfavorable ruling.

After learning of this story, I asked myself what my readers could do to help. It appears that Bill O'Reilly of Fox News has already volunteered to pay the outstanding legal fees on behalf of Mr. Snyder, should he be ordered to do so. And for that I applaud Mr. O'Reilly. But there is more.

A group called Patriot Guard Riders (www.patriotguard.org) has joined together for a worthy cause. They are motorcycle riders from across America whose main mission is, if invited by the grieving families, to attend the funerals of our service men and women and provide an escort for the fallen military member and their family, so as to ensure that no protests or demonstrations can disrupt the services. These are men and women who simply recognized that groups such as Westboro were hurting families at a time when they were most vulnerable and grieving. I ask each of you to visit the Patriot Guard's website and join their ranks. You need not own a motorcycle or even have ridden one in the past. Rather, they proudly state that their only prerequisite to membership is "respect."

My hope is that someday we will not require Supreme Court rulings and Patriot Guard Riders to protect our fallen heroes when they return home. But right now we do, and so I appeal to the Court to recognize and respect the constitutional rights of grieving families, and I appeal to each of you to become a member of the Patriot Guard.

Michael Reagan

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