Michael Reagan

Mr. Schleicher's testimony also revealed that most other successful countries, while utilizing national standards, give local schools a greater degree of freedom from regulation than the American system currently does.

So long as federal taxpayer money goes to schools across the country, the government is right to demand accountability and a return on the investment. But when federal control threatens to stifle the creativity and productivity of our local schools, we must step back and return power to our communities.

Our children's future, our country's future, must never be a political pawn in the government's all-too-familiar gambit for more control. We must equip our schools, our teachers and our children with all the resources they need to lead academically the way we know we can, the way we have done in the past. We must equip local school districts not only with financial resources but with an investment of trust and authority, so that our schools can focus on the business of education, not bureaucracy.

Michael Reagan

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