Michael Reagan

They must be made to feel pressure -- the pressure you feel every day when you juggle your budget to cope with rising prices. These three people set energy policy in this country. They order Reid and Pelosi to do their bidding, and thanks to them and their allies in the radical environmental movement we are getting economically weaker.

Call John Flicker at the Audubon Society at (212) 979-3000.

Call Frances Beinecke at the NRDC at (212) 727-2700.

Call Trip Van Noppen at Earthjustice at (510) 550-6700.

One more thing. I wrote earlier that the environmental extremists hate humanity, they think there are too many of us, and they won't be happy until an awful lot of us are gone.

Most won't say it, but here's what two of them are quoted as saying in Johah Goldberg's book "Liberal Fascism." "When Charles Wurster, chief scientist for the Environmental Defense Fund was told that banning DDT would probably result in millions of deaths he replied 'This is as good a way to get rid of them as any." And a million did die.

Finnish environmental guru Pentti Linkola "argues that the earth is a sinking ship, and a chosen remnant must head for the lifeboats. Said Linkola, 'Those who hate life try to pull more people on board and drown everybody. Those who love and respect life use axes to chops off extra hands hanging on the gunwale.'"

Beware of environmentalists bearing axes.

Michael Reagan

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