Michael Reagan

There’s a little bit of the “gimmie” mentality in all of us, and it’s that unattractive part of our psyche that demagogic politicians take aim at when trying to win our support.

The Democratic left wing (is there any other wing of that party nowadays?) is out in full hue and cry, hoping to evoke in the masses a deep yearning for whatever goodies the government can shell out. They think we all have our hands out and they strive to pledge to fill them with new and better government giveaways.

It’s an interesting spectacle to watch as the various Democratic presidential wannabes try to move further left than any of their rivals in an effort to out-promise each other. Last week when Obama pitched his socialized medicine program, Hillary slipped around his left side with her Marxist solutions for every imaginable problem known to humankind (oops, I almost said the M word - mankind).

As the battle rages we can expect to see the candidates break new ground as the travel farther and father left into territory even no Marxist has ever before trod. By the time the primaries roll around they’ll make Joe Stalin look like a right-wing conservative – and Santa Claus look like Ebenezer Scrooge.

It’s something-for-everyone time on the Democrat campaign trail, and no longer being content with the old party lines about “saving” Social Security from the robber baron Republicans who allegedly want to strip Grandma of her monthly Social Security check and throw her to the wolves, they are hot on the trail to locate new and better ways to buy the voters’ votes with their own tax dollars.

Having already whetted the voters’ appetites with every kind of giveaway program they could dream up, they now find themselves forced to outdo each other in the grandiosity of their proposals. And there are lots of opportunities to devise new and exciting handouts available in that vast period between cradle and grave through which we all pass.

This pandermania epidemic is the result of the growing perception among a large segment of younger Americans that they are somehow entitled to all sorts of privileges, including the largesse of the federal treasury. And the Democrats are only too eager to oblige their cupidity.

Take little miss Lindsay Lohan as the extreme archetype of the Me generation. Like hordes of Hollywood brats she has shown herself to be utterly convinced that the laws and restrictions and customs to which most adult Americans are subject do not apply to her. Like Jerry Seinfeld, she is the master of her own domain, which appears to include everything and everybody in the whole wide world.

Michael Reagan

Michael Reagan, the eldest son of Ronald Reagan, is heard daily by over 5 million listeners via his nationally syndicated talk radio program, “The Michael Reagan Show.”