Michael Reagan

Once again, the left-leaning mainstream media have egg all over their faces thanks to the voice of my Dad, Ronald Reagan, speaking from his eternal resting place.

Over the past week, since the Reagan Diaries were released, the media have focused on everything except what to me is the most the significant result of their publication: the self-portrayal that once again proves the lie in the false picture of him the media long sought to draw -- that of a less-than-intelligent former actor scarcely smart enough to remember his lines much less govern America.

The Media Research Council’s Brent Bozell once accurately described the media’s attitude during the Reagan administration as “fiercely hostile and often indistinguishable from the Democratic talking points of the day.”

Much of that hostility expressed itself by suggesting that my dad was the “amiable dunce” a biographer inexcusably called him to the delight of the liberal media elite, which could never accept the idea that a former Hollywood actor was in the end a lot smarter and had far more common sense than any of them up there in their ivory towers.

In his diaries, however, my Dad revealed himself to be the man I knew, and anything but an “amiable dunce.” Open the pages of his diaries, brilliantly edited by the slightly liberal Douglas Brinkley -- whose honesty and decency allowed him to see the real Ronald Reagan and not the parody created by the media -- and you encounter the extraordinary human being divine providence gave this nation at a time when such a man was needed at the helm.

The picture my Dad paints of himself as he muses upon the events of each of his days in the White House is that of a thoughtful man always willing to speak well of others (including his opponents), always reluctant to criticize his foes, and fiercely determined to crush the evil he recognized in the face of international Communism and to restore America to the greatness that had diminished since his youth.

The man we encounter, brilliant and keenly perceptive as he showed himself to be in the pages of his daily journal, was a simple uncomplicated human being armed with a rock-hard faith in God and an unshakeable belief in the inherent goodness of his fellow man. And he spent a lifetime seeking to find the light of that goodness in everyone he encountered, including the very man who ruled the empire he called evil.

Michael Reagan

Michael Reagan, the eldest son of Ronald Reagan, is heard daily by over 5 million listeners via his nationally syndicated talk radio program, “The Michael Reagan Show.”