Michael Medved

The biggest political lesson of 2009 connects directly to the best political news about 2010, and both factors should help inspire conservatives to sweeping and historic victories in the year ahead.

The most significant message from all the confusion and controversy of the year now concluding is that elections matterand they matter a lot. During 2008, some arrogant cynics haughtily spurned the political process, insisting that it made no difference which party or candidate took control of the White House and Capitol Hill. According to this logic, both Republicans and Democrats served the same corrupt corporate masters, and represented the same bankrupt ideologies, so that choosing between them amounted to a waste of time.

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If nothing else, the first year of Obamanism (or Obamunism as my friend David Boze aptly describes it) has succeeded in exploding these dunder-headed delusions. John McCain might well have disappointed conservative and libertarian true-believers, but he wouldnt have pushed through a mammoth health-care takeover, or spent $800 billion on a pork-laden stimulus package, or tripled the deficit from its worst level under Bush, or apologized repeatedly to our adversaries and allies around the world. In fact, Senator McCain has played a leading and often ferocious role in opposing all the most dangerous power-grabs of the Obama administration, including stimulus spending, health insurance fiasco, the emasculation of our anti-terrorism efforts, and even the Democratic version of cap-and-trade. Those who claimed that Barack the Beneficent was actually a moderate, a centrist, a cautious, pragmatic and level-headed reformer no worse (and maybe even better and brighter) than George W. Bush should open their eyes to the alarming realities. No Drama Obama has actually lurched dramatically to the left, proving himself every bit as radical as Sarah Palin, John McCain and Joe the Plumber claimed he would be.

Michael Medved

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