Michael Medved

Public opinion surveys show a precipitous decline in the presidents approval rating, with a majority of likely voters (according to Rasmussen) now disapproving of Barack Obama’s leadership. Imagine the reaction of one of these anti-Obama parents to a first grader who comes home proudly announcing that our whole class made promises about helping President Obama.

If the purpose in the Presidents speech involves inspiration of African-American youngsters who otherwise might feel discouraged by their prospects in school, why not allow the First Lady to give the address in place of her husband? Michelle Obama (like most Presidential wives) has functioned as a non-political, non-partisan national symbol and she actually grew up in an African-American home on the South Side of Chicago not raised, as her husband was, by a white mother Ph.D. in Indonesia, and by a white grandmother bank vice president in Hawaii.

And if the purpose is encouragement for educational excellence, rather than political promotion of the President and his agenda, why not give some additional time to Republican National Chairman Michael Steele, whose black single mother worked by cleaning homes and taking in laundry, not as an anthropological researcher?

A number of teachers have reacted with appropriate indignation to the misuse of public resources and precious school time to encourage the cult of Obama worship. Carole (not her real name), a gutsy middle school teacher in the Midwest, discussed the upcoming speech on my radio show on Monday. Teachers from four different states called in to say that they would follow her example and refuse to devote class hours to watching and discussing the presidential address.

Challenges from parents and taxpayers everywhere could force a change in White House plans. The idea of using government schools to force students to bond with the maximum leader might seem appropriate for Cuba or North Korea, but it’s clearly out of place in a Constitutional republic.

Michael Medved

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