Michael Medved

The United States remains so freakishly favored in our levels of freedom, opportunity and comfort for our citizens that any attempt to achieve global “equality” will necessarily produce efforts to lower the American standard of living and “spread the wealth around” (in the chilling phrase Obama used with Joe the Plumber). In the midst of all the trillions in new spending initiatives, the media hardly noticed President Obama’s commitment of unprecedented billions for the International Monetary Fund to aid developing nations. If “the wretched of the earth” face their misfortunes due to the West’s record of colonialism and imperialism, and not because of their own leaders’ record of malfeasance and corruption, then the never-ending drive for fairness requires punitive policies against those societies that benefited in the past.

The President’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel famously commented that the Obamatrons remain determined that they “will never waste a crisis” – suggesting that they intend to use the current economic difficulties to reshape both American society and the global economy. Just as the privileged are supposed to give up some of their wealth and privileges within the United States, so the nation itself is supposed to pull back from its preeminent position in the family of nations. Far from echoing the old American cheer, “We’re Number One!” the President and his pals might offer a new chant that says, “We’re Just One of a Number.”

While his policies at home to “soak the rich” and “share the wealth” will face strong resistance (and even counterattacks) from individualistic Americans, his corresponding efforts to address global inequality by cutting his own nation down to size might do permanent (and tragic) damage to the position of the United States in the family of nations. Instead of demonstrating more harmony and cooperation, a world without American leadership will become more chaotic, unpredictable, unjust and dangerous.

Michael Medved

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