Michael Medved

For months, we’ve been hearing about the sour mood of U.S, conservatives, with left-leaning activists and liberal commentators savoring (and promoting) the possibility that many of their opponents on the right will express their frustration by abandoning the GOP on November 7th. As Election Day approaches, however, the evidence accumulatesthat dissatisfied and restless Republicans have begun to come home, recoiling at the very real prospect of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House and second in line to the Presidency. Nevertheless, those of us who travel in conservative circles can still hear some grumbling and gnashing of teeth, accompanied by tired (and tiresome) arguments on behalf of desertion from the field of political battle.

By now, we all know the lines: the Washington Republicans have become indistinguishable from Democrats (they’re all “Republicrats” and “Demicans”--- yuck, yuck, yuck!); they need to be punished for overspending and failing to halt abortion, immigration, deficits and stem cell research; the GOP deserves blame for waging a cowardly, politically correct, inconclusive war in Iraq; Bush and his buddies are deliberately undermining our national sovereignty because they are secretly controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations, Skull and Bones, the Bohemian Grove, the Illuminati and other avatars of the New World Order; and the only way to get Republicans to develop backbone is to hurt them at the polls, sweeping away the current crop of panty-waists and globalists and replacing them with ideologically committed he-men who can reconnect with the American mainstream and then, in some future confrontation, win decisive victories against the newly energized Democrats.

Whatever the merits in these claims, most Americans who place themselves to the right of the Kerry-Pelosi-Howard Dean-George Soros Democrats are coming to realize that we can’t afford two years (or more) of leftist lunacy in Congress for the sake of some future (and far from certain) return to power. The current situation presents solid, undeniable reasons that this election amounts to a Very Big Deal and all conservatives of conscience must make a point of voting on November 7th.

Herewith, eight concrete reminders of why your participation counts:

Michael Medved

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