Michael McBride

Cap and Trade. Bad pass. It was thrown under the bus by Senate Democrats fleeing the undertow of the previously mentioned tsunami. As Americans tire of jam-down, Chicago politics, Senate Klingons fret about loosing their cushy seats and they are beginning to question the viability of the President’s policies with the voters in November. As such, the public trough feeders have sought shelter from the light and they are happy to let this political do-nothing piece of legislation die in the dark before they have to cast one more risky vote that only holds value to the far left of their party. Congress is playing good defense on this one.

Unnecessary terror trials in NYC. Turnover. There were no discussions held with the local police on the possible security and cost issues surrounding this decision. Obama has unnecessarily put New Yorkers at risk and at an unnecessarily high cost, in order to appease those who still wish to kill us in spite of his global butt-kissing and his closing of Gitmo. See underwear bomber below. When the first bomb goes off in NYC, look no further than 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for the responsible party. No apologies accepted. How is the current trial going?

Christmas underwear bomber. Another turnover. This incident provides more evidence of continued decline in our security posture and administrative functioning. It also brightly illuminates the administration’s total inability to grasp the enormity of the global threat we face. Most Americans get that; Obama does not. Unnecessarily granting Miranda rights and ostensibly shutting down an information highway regarding current and immediate threats against US interests in Yemen is ludicrous beyond the pale.

Populism in Ohio. Airball. Americans are angry, but not at the banks. Not at Wall Street. Not at George W. Bush. But at him. With health care, Obama manufactured an issue where there was none, and he ignored the economy where there was one. He quickly squandered billions of dollars in the hopes that a shotgunned stimulus bill that fed democrat districts would solve his economic problems, but they did not. Unemployment is higher. The economy is still teetering. Americans are still struggling, and no amount of populist hood dialect blaming others is going to solve the problems we face.

Virginia. Dribble off the foot.

New Jersey. Dribble off the other foot.

Ted Kennedy’s seat in Massachusetts. Stuffjected. I know it is the “people’s seat,” but it sounds so much more pleasing to remind the Democrats that they lost the un-loseable. Obama’s vision for this country is soundly rejected, as Scott Brown campaigned in clear, diametric opposition to Obama’s highest profile policy objectives.

No mater how Gibbs tries to spin this as general populist unrest, it is not. It is simply Americans waking up to the fact that the President is capable of only one thing, delivering a message via teleprompter.

He lacks all of the necessary skills to lead this country, and to this point he has accomplished nothing of consequence, despite the huge advantages he enjoyed one year ago.

It is hard to imagine the how he ever got a community organized.

He probably just talked about it.

He certainly never had to take it to the hoop in traffic.

Michael McBride

Michael E. McBride retired as a Major from the Marine Corps and blogs at http://www.mysandmen.blogspot.com.

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