Michael McBride

Not his health care rationing and economic redistribution plan. Not his farcical “stimulus” program, which is nothing more than a higher form of vote buying. And not the Administration’s fumbling of the H1N1 vaccine program.

I am talking about Obama’s new role as Military-Tactician-in-Chief and his adjunct role as Prosecutor-in-Chief.

Each of the Services has an operational planning school for senior captains. In the Marine Corps this school is known as Amphibious Warfare School. Graduates leave the school with an in depth knowledge of operational planning and staff planning for amphibious operations.

One of the techniques used to focus planning efforts is the development of courses of action or “COAs.” In COA development, captains are limited to developing only three possible plans. What becomes readily apparent after a couple of these planning exercises, is that there are rarely three equally appealing COAs to choose from.

One COA typically stands out as being the best strategic choice based on lessons learned from similar operations and a reasonable comparison to the well understood Principles of War.

The next COA is often appealing from an “outside-the-box” perspective, because it is not typically the “textbook” solution. But COA number two almost always has more inherent risk.

COA three is usually a non-starter. It generally falls far from conventional wisdom and experience, and it usually carries an inordinate amount of risk compared to the other choices.

There is almost never an appealing fourth choice.

Yet the President has rejected our best military planners’ options asking them to go back to the table to develop CAO number five.

This is unheard of; not because military planners are stubborn as mules and goats (Go Navy; beat Army), but because an elemental application of the Principles of War, the terrain, the enemy capabilities, lines of communication, weaponry, communications and connectivity, and myriad of applicable factors will necessarily cull the number of realistic choices to a number below three. Certainly not a number greater than or equal to, five.

The President’s blind desire to please the left wing of his party will place the strategic responsibility for Afghanistan solely at his feet as he has rejected the best advice his planners can give in favor of a choice that is no better than fifth from a strategic point of view.

Mr. Obama is jeopardizing our troops’ lives by fighting with an unwinnable playbook and blundering into the abyss of Afghanistan with a strategy ultimately devised by the radicals of his party and the marionette grinner, Joe Biden. Maybe Al Gore could chime in.

He blunders further by insisting that five murderous terrorists be given habeas corpus rights and a public trial in New York City, and then guaranteeing the results of such a trial.

In his efforts to complete the demonization of the Gitmo detention facility and the Bush Administration by trying these enemies in open court, he has put New Yorkers at great risk. He is committing the classic McNamara underestimation. Terrorists will not appreciate the openness and transparency of our judicial system, but they will greatly appreciate that we have now given them a new target at which to concentrate their aim.

The city of New York will be racked by terrorist events large and small, and it will be at the invitation of the Obama Administration. Justice could have easily been served off-shore in a manner that did not invite undue attention to our soil, but these trials, and New York itself, will become the new bulls-eye for terror activity. And there will be many taking aim.

Imagine the price Al Qaeda will pay the families of successful bombers if they disrupt the trials, or cause the trials to be eventually moved. Imagine the loss of respect the United States will suffer and the boom in recruiting all rogue terror groups will enjoy. Bringing these trials to New York is a completely unnecessary move that will, quite literally, blow up in the Obama Administration’s face.

In both cases, the Obama Administration is wandering far from common sense, and they are trying to sell their silliness and irresponsibility with hollow guarantees, clever buzzwords, and a promise of vacuous and immeasurable results (hybrid strategy; transparent jurisprudence e.g.).

Make no mistake, while the Obama team is confusing itself with nonsensical strategies and inane prosecutorial practices, Al Qaeda and the Taliban will be preparing to light up the scoreboard with American lives both in Afghanistan and in NYC.

When the numbers of casualties go up in Afghanistan and a number of bombs go off in New York, and the Obama Administration will dither at an even higher frequency and they will wonder how it was they became the Best and the Brightest, part two.

Ego and arrogance.

All hail, the Blunderer-in-Chief.

Michael McBride

Michael E. McBride retired as a Major from the Marine Corps and blogs at http://www.mysandmen.blogspot.com.

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