Michael McBride

Magic is fascinating because most of us assume that we are smart enough to eventually figure out how the tricks are done, even though we rarely do. Close up magic is compelling because the magician challenges his audience at close range. His hands are there for all to see, there are no bulky props or scantily clad distracters…just the magician, his skills, and his befuddled audience. As it will always likely be.

New, profound magic is much less compelling, because the “tricks” are covered with hi-tech gadgets, fireworks, and overblown theatrics about the magician’s physical well being…all meant to distract the audience, and all gross in scale when compared to the subtleties of a slight of hand artist. Yet David Blaine, and his extreme form of magic still grabs air time on TV for his outrageous and lightly magical, “tricks.”

I find it interesting that David Blaine attracts so much attention with his loudness and flash, while many solid magicians flounder with their act in their neighborhood lounges on Friday and Saturday nights. It seems that large, and loud, and explosive, and showy, and over-the-top garners all of the attention, while fine craftsmen struggle for market share.

Such it is with Congress these days. Pay no attention to the Democrats behind the curtain. This session of Congress is not about legislation, or advancing Democrat ideas, or navigating our way in the war on terror. This session of Congress has one mission…to lay the groundwork for the 2008 Presidential election. And there will be no slight of hand. They will mask their ineptitude in Congress with cymbal clashes, fireworks, accusations, groundless subpoenas, and aimless investigations.

Their activity is designed to cover their failings while attempting to smear the GOP going into 2008. They will attempt to wow the audience enough to win the White House while they drop decks of cards on the floor in the process. They are hoping their audiences can not only, not figure out their tricks, but that they are also blind to their bungling.

Between now and November of 2008 the only thing we will get out of Congress is a plethora of mind-numbing Al Gore testimonies, shrill hearings on Federal Prosecutor dismissals, gobs of maneuverings to keep the war in Iraq at the forefront of everyone’s mind, hearings, hearings, and endless hearings. All meant to support the theatrics of political distraction. All meant to win the Dems the White House in 2008.

Michael McBride

Michael E. McBride retired as a Major from the Marine Corps and blogs at http://www.mysandmen.blogspot.com.

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