Michael McBride

The best part of living in the People’s Republic of Oregon, Portland District is that I don’t have to go far to get my finger on the pulse of liberal thought. If I can make it to the end of my driveway every morning, I can get my daily dose of the liberal agenda, fed to me directly by my paper source, The Oregonian.

I can usually get the recommended daily allowance from the front page, and by page A-4 my morning breakfast has slid off the slope of the kitchen counter, predictably to the left, and neatly into the garbage can. I get my fill from the likes of …

“Unraveling in Iraq doomed U.S. plan” “A mighty big hug for a might big tree”


I am not making this up!!

“Saddam now likely to become a martyr” “Bigger school budget won’t end crowding” “Black hat? Or white hat? Bush wears both”

But some days, you have to venture into the depths of lefty MSM drivel to get to the real nuggets. Some days you have to mine the pages to find those pearls of wisdom that get you into the depth of the liberal mind. Often, with the Oregonian, that brings you to the editorial page. Don’t be afraid…you can actually read it without getting any on you!

Predictably the Editorial Board never disappoints as a liberal agenda monger…global warming and polar bears, suggesting strategies to overturn voter approved conservative initiatives on spending limits and property rights, advocating liberalizing immigrations laws while using Europe as the model, a continuous stream of anti-war/anti-Bush commentary…we got it all.

Occasionally, however you still have to “mine” a nugget. You have to link a couple of editorials together in order to fully comprehend the full deflection of the galactically liberal.

Nothing reveals the liberal mindset more than their zeal for negotiations. Their addiction to negotiation solidifies the manifesto that form is more important than function; that feelings are more important than results; and that cooperation and intercourse are favored above workable solutions.

In November I posted on the failed “negotiations” between the City of Portland, Schumacher Furs, and some fringe animal rights group. My observations at the time…

Michael McBride

Michael E. McBride retired as a Major from the Marine Corps and blogs at http://www.mysandmen.blogspot.com.

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