Michael Johnson

On this week devoted to the doings of the Dark Side, it seems apropos, somehow, to pause and reflect on those who have done so much to darken the spiritual landscape of these United States …

… the earnest advocates of atheism and sexual perversion who yearn, like vampires, to suck the very life out of our religious freedoms and sense of community …

… the too-many innocuous voters and ordinary citizens who, in their thirst to avoid conflict, played along with political correctness at the ballot box, and helped create the monsters of immorality that now dominate the political scene …

… the aggressive attorneys and activists who, wrapped mummy-like in their own agenda, have found their fortune in pressing the lawsuits that have brought paranoia and social paralysis to churches and school districts and businesses all over America.

Between them, this sprawling alliance of anti-God enthusiasts has proven frighteningly efficient at remaking America in their own brutal, dehumanizing image. In the space of a few decades, they have managed to entrench abortion and homosexual behavior, objectify children into sexual objects, criminalize Christianity in the popular culture, and promote guilt and self-doubt as the foremost qualities of our national character.

That’s quite a legacy … but not the one, in the end, for which the Left will be most remembered.

No, what generations to come will remember about the Left is their fear. How very afraid all these activists were, and – even more – what terrible people inspired their cringing, craven fury:

The little girl in New Jersey, who was told “Our God Is An Awesome God” was too frightening to sing in an after-school talent show. (The witches’ scene from ‘Macbeth’ was deemed okay.)

The street preacher in Pennsylvania who was arrested for “trespassing” after he inadvertently brushed against a building while standing on a public sidewalk.

The teenager in San Diego who was suspended for wearing a t-shirt with the words “Homosexuality Is Shameful” on the day his public high school celebrated a Day of Silence in support of the homosexual agenda. (Think about some of the t-shirts you saw at the mall last weekend.)

The families of slain highway patrol officers in Utah, who were sued by local atheists for putting crosses on roadside memorials to their dead family members.

The student of Indian descent at Georgia Tech who was threatened with her life and widely-branded as a “Twinkie” – “yellow on the outside, white on the inside” – after she lobbied for the right to speak her conservative views in campus political forums.

Michael Johnson

Mike Johnson is a senior legal counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund, a legal alliance defending the right to hear and speak the Truth through strategy, training, funding, and litigation, and its subsidiary, Community Defense Counsel. ADF President Alan Sears is the former head of the Commission on Pornography under U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese.

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