Michael Fumento

The fatter we become the greater our desire to blame that fatness on something –anything – other than eating too much and moving too little. The entire massive diet book industry is based on this premise and people keep buying its nonsense notwithstanding that no book has dented the obesity epidemic.

But diet gurus are just part of a broader industry that exploits our frailties. Others have blamed "obesity genes" for our porked-out population, notwithstanding that the U.S. gene pool has barely changed during our massive girth growth since the 1970s. And never mind the mass of data indicating we just keep consuming more calories while almost certainly expending fewer.

Now researchers who have long been on the warpath against synthetic chemicals have "discovered" that, after repeated and failed attempts to find these compounds guilty of everything from lowered sperm counts to shrunken alligator penises, these chemicals are the source of pot bellies and thunder thighs. They’ve prompted such headlines as "Chemicals May Play Role in Rise in Obesity" (Washington Post), "Exposure in the Womb to Certain Chemicals May Lead to Obesity" (

The Economist) and "Chemicals Could Be the Cause of Obesity" (The Telegraph)of London.

Praise the Lord and pass the alimentation!

Leading the way is University of Missouri-Columbia biologist Frederick vom Saal, who has sought for much of his career to pin an evil tail on the industrial chemical donkey, especially one called bisphenol-A (BPA). About 2 billion pounds of BPA is used yearly in the U.S. to make coatings that line food and drink containers and plastics we drink from including baby bottles.

Michael Fumento

Michael Fumento is a, journalist, and attorney specializing in science and health issues as well as author of BioEvolution: How Biotechnology is Changing Our World .

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