Michael Fumento

There’s truth to his claim. But it remains that the enemy needs softer targets. I watched a video that had fallen into coalition hands of an attack on a Falluja police station with a surrounding wall. The film depicted one bad guy firing a rocket propelled grenade while running, making the odds of hitting the target slightly less than zero.
Another fired his light machine gun at a wall directly in front of him, while yet another kept tripping over the ammo belt that dangled from his weapon. Others simply held their weapons above their head and fired over the wall.
It also remains true that the IP and IA provide softer targets; they are not yet up to the job of defeating these Keystone Kop “warriors.”

The police are still woefully undertrained and undermanned; they spend all too much time sitting in their reinforced stations and often require protection themselves.
The IA are clearly superior to the IP in terms of ability and weapons, yet they lack the aggressiveness of American troops. They seem to equate victory with merely forcing the enemy to break off an attack.
The Iraqis will never be up to American fighting standards. But they’ve greatly improved as a fighting force in the last year. Moreover, while there’s no evidence enemy numbers are increasing, the size of the IA and IP are growing dramatically.

“We only have about 3,000 IP now” in Al Anbar, Greenwood said, “but we expect to break the 10,000 point by next fall. Further, “we have about 18,000 Iraqi soldiers in Al Anbar and had only half of that last year.”
Says Greenwood, “One high-ranking Iraqi officer told me ‘Al Anbar is worse than the devil!’” But Greenwood disarmed him. “I said with your help, we’re going to make it too nice for the devil to visit.”

Michael Fumento

Michael Fumento is a, journalist, and attorney specializing in science and health issues as well as author of BioEvolution: How Biotechnology is Changing Our World .

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