Michael Brown

Posted February 28, 2015

Now that Time Magazine has told us that transgender is the new black, Im going to say something politically incorrect: Your gender is not whatever you think it is. Put another way, there is no such thing as, My gender is fill in the blank.

Posted February 24, 2015

When you look at the endless problems we face in society today, its easy to think, But what I can do? Im just one person.

Posted February 17, 2015

In the name of anti-discrimination, the City Council of Charlotte, North Carolina is poised to discriminate against people of conservative moral values, also imposing the struggles of a tiny minority on every man, woman, and child who lives or works in Charlotte or might happen to visit the city.

Posted February 13, 2015

Im pleased to see that the Southern Poverty Law Center has come to its senses and apologized to Dr. Ben Carson, removing him from their extremist list.

Posted February 10, 2015

How should we respond if the Supreme Court rules to redefine marriage in June? What do we do if same-sex marriage becomes the law of the land?

Posted February 07, 2015

Outspoken British atheist Stephen Fry was recently asked what he would say to God if such a being really existed and he encountered him/her/it after death. His reply was passionate, eloquent, defiant, and irreverent. I wonder what God might say to him.

Posted January 30, 2015

Although I am no longer an American youth (I turn 60 in March), I am an American, and on behalf of others in my country, I would like to respond to your open letter to Western youth.

Posted January 20, 2015

As opposed to the massive, worldwide show of solidarity with the Charlie Hebdo journalists who were murdered by Islamic terrorists in Paris this month, there was no such show of solidarity when four religious Jews were slaughtered by Islamic terrorists as they prayed in their synagogue in Jerusalem last November. Why?

Posted January 16, 2015

The pattern is now completely predictable: Gay activists and their allies overplay their hand, and the liberal media says, Well done! We fully support your intolerance.

Posted January 13, 2015

I write these words as a concerned onlooker, not as an expert on immigration and certainly not as anyone having any authority in these matters at all. It is simply time to put these things on the table, since the subject of Muslim immigration is a burning hot topic worldwide, especially in Europe.

Posted January 09, 2015

In the aftermath of the murder of 12 French journalists at the hand of Islamic terrorists, liberal leaders have revealed the extraordinary depth of their anti-conservative animus to the point of absurdity and beyond.

Posted January 01, 2015

The headline alone is painful to read: Transgender teenager, 17, leaves heartbreaking suicide note blaming her Christian parents before walking in front of tractor trailer on highway. The story itself is even more painful to read, while the loss of life is absolutely tragic.

Posted December 21, 2014

Why do I take the stands that I take? What motivates me to swim against the tide of cultural decline?

Posted December 13, 2014

Im sure that you dont know me from Adam, but somehow Im trusting that this letter will make its way to you and that youll take a minute to read it.

Posted December 07, 2014

In the grief and shock following the grand jurys decision not to indict the officer who put Eric Garner in a chokehold that proved deadly, one protester remarked, we have to make a change because they're killing us off.

Posted November 25, 2014

On August 22nd, I wrote an article entitled, Five Obvious Lessons from Ferguson. Now, in the wake of the grand jurys decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting of my namesake, 18-year-old Michael Brown, and in the wake of the riots that immediately erupted, here are five more obvious lessons.

Posted November 23, 2014

Dr. Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, is one of the preeminent Christian leaders of our day. He is as clear-headed as he is courageous, always a source of truth and sanity in the midst of a deeply confused culture.

Posted November 16, 2014

Are you a heterosexual man who enjoys dressing stylishly, who likes staying in shape and sometimes wearing tight T-shirts while working out, who has no problem showing brotherly affection to other men? If we are to believe what a leading gay journalist says, its all because you have been liberated by gay men.

Posted November 12, 2014

Writing in response to my article Secularism Declares Open War On Religious Faith, an atheist has assured his readers that there is no such war and that, more importantly, in order to avoid conflict with the larger society, I should simply keep my religion in the closet.

Posted November 07, 2014

As sons and daughters of God, we are called to honor and respect authority and to be people of obedience rather than people of rebellion.