Michael Brown

Posted April 21, 2015

Almost 20 years ago, the journal First Things published an article by a famous German theologian named Wolfhart Pannenberg titled How to Think About Secularism. In the article, Pannenberg outlined the nature of secularism and how it threatened the church, also explaining how the church should not respond to the challenge.

Posted April 17, 2015

I believe Hilary Clinton is now telling the truth regarding her views on same-sex marriage. I just dont believe she was telling the truth in the past, especially when she expressed her opposition to it.

Posted April 11, 2015

With all the major, life critical issues taking place in America and around the globe, it is absolutely mind-boggling that President Obama has decided to declare war on so-called conversion therapy, joining in the battle to outlaw professional counseling for minors struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction or gender identity confusion.

Posted April 08, 2015

How can the religious community live in peace and harmony with the LGBT community? New York Times columnist Frank Bruni has the solution. Just rewrite the Bible.

Posted April 04, 2015

Dear Bill and Ann: I deeply appreciate both of you calling out Christian leaders in recent days, challenging our courage and our willingness to stand for what is right

Posted April 03, 2015

Have you ever seen a little child put his hands over his ears while shouting, Im not listening! Thats what MSNBCs Ed Schulz did to the Heritage Foundations Ryan Anderson on Monday, turning off Andersons mic rather than responding to his factual presentation.

Posted April 01, 2015

Protesters are demonstrating, the Obama administration is speaking out, the mainstream media is in an uproar, major companies are threatening boycotts, and even the NCAA is concerned that a new bill signed into law by Indiana governor Mike Pence could negatively impact the inclusive culture of college sports.

Posted March 27, 2015

The United Nations, already infamous for its frequent displays of anti-Israel bias, has outdone itself this time.

Posted March 15, 2015

Im all for generous giving, and Im all for taking care of ministers of the gospel, but I will not be sending Creflo Dollar $300 to help him buy a $65 million jet for his ministry. The very thought of it is obscene.

Posted March 09, 2015

I would love to go a month or even a week without having to address this, but the cycle of social madness continues unabated, all centered on the T of LGBT, namely, transgender.

Posted March 05, 2015

It has been called The History-Making Gay Kiss, as The Fosters TV show, which airs during prime time on the ABC Family network, featured the Youngest Same-Sex TV Kiss Ever.

Posted February 28, 2015

Now that Time Magazine has told us that transgender is the new black, Im going to say something politically incorrect: Your gender is not whatever you think it is. Put another way, there is no such thing as, My gender is fill in the blank.

Posted February 24, 2015

When you look at the endless problems we face in society today, its easy to think, But what I can do? Im just one person.

Posted February 17, 2015

In the name of anti-discrimination, the City Council of Charlotte, North Carolina is poised to discriminate against people of conservative moral values, also imposing the struggles of a tiny minority on every man, woman, and child who lives or works in Charlotte or might happen to visit the city.

Posted February 13, 2015

Im pleased to see that the Southern Poverty Law Center has come to its senses and apologized to Dr. Ben Carson, removing him from their extremist list.

Posted February 10, 2015

How should we respond if the Supreme Court rules to redefine marriage in June? What do we do if same-sex marriage becomes the law of the land?

Posted February 07, 2015

Outspoken British atheist Stephen Fry was recently asked what he would say to God if such a being really existed and he encountered him/her/it after death. His reply was passionate, eloquent, defiant, and irreverent. I wonder what God might say to him.

Posted January 30, 2015

Although I am no longer an American youth (I turn 60 in March), I am an American, and on behalf of others in my country, I would like to respond to your open letter to Western youth.

Posted January 20, 2015

As opposed to the massive, worldwide show of solidarity with the Charlie Hebdo journalists who were murdered by Islamic terrorists in Paris this month, there was no such show of solidarity when four religious Jews were slaughtered by Islamic terrorists as they prayed in their synagogue in Jerusalem last November. Why?

Posted January 16, 2015

The pattern is now completely predictable: Gay activists and their allies overplay their hand, and the liberal media says, Well done! We fully support your intolerance.