Michael Brown

As explained by Rachelle Trujillo, vice president of communications with Girl Scouts of Colorado, “We make the distinction that if a child is living life as a girl and the family brings the child to us and says my daughter wants to be a girl scout, we welcome her.” But there is a line they draw: Trujillo said boys who are living like boys will not be admitted. “The child must be living life as a girl.”

And there you have it. A boy who thinks he is a girl and is “living life as a girl” (or, his family “presents” him as a girl) can become a girl scout, since the organization is “inclusive.”

This is patently absurd, nothing better than linguistic and sociological gibberish. In short, you can be as “inclusive” as you want to be, but that doesn’t alter reality.  (See also my recent article, “The Girl Who Thought She Was a Werewolf Article.”)

It’s one thing to say that a grown man who has undergone sex-change surgery is now a woman (although I would still dispute that claim). It’s another thing to say that a little boy is now a girl simply because he says he is. And it is still another thing for an organization to accept that child’s beliefs as reality.

A Girl Scout leader who called my radio show reminded me that the girls in her group often talk about girl things, meaning things that only genuine girls can relate to, and they often camp out together and share bathroom facilities as well.

A boy who thinks he is a girl has no right intruding on these other girls, especially at the onset of puberty and beyond, and to allow him to do so is insanity.

Think about it. If an Asian boy is absolutely convinced that he is a Native American and his family “presents” him as such, should he be entitled to government benefits set aside for Native Americans? If a Caucasian teen is sure that he is really black and his family “presents” him as such (whatever that would mean), should he be considered for a college scholarship for minority students?

The sky is really the limit, and if a boy can be a girl scout, anything is possible.

That is a frightening thought.

Michael Brown

Michael Brown is the host of the nationally syndicated talk radio show The Line of Fire and is the president of FIRE School of Ministry. His newest book is Outlasting the Gay Revolution: Where Homosexual Activism Is Really Going and How to Turn the Tide. Connect with him on Facebook at AskDrBrown or on Twitter at drmichaellbrown