Michael Barone

 On Aug. 9, Fox News?s Carl Cameron asked the Kerry campaign whether Kerry still claimed to have been in Cambodia on Christmas time -- the campaign had no comment. On Aug. 11, Kerry spokesman Michael Meehan said Kerry?s boat was ?in the watery borders between Vietnam and Cambodia? on Christmas eve,? then ?headed north to the Cambodian border? and were fired on. ?Kerry?s was not the only United States riverboat to respond and inadvertently or responsibly cross the border.? A Veterans for Kerry spokesman said that Kerry was in Cambodia some other unspecified time and may have confused that with Christmas Eve. Those awkward responses are far from convincing affirmations of the memory that in 1986 remained ?seared -- seared -- in me.?

 Kerry?s Christmas-in-Cambodia claims were first noted in the widely read instapundit.com on Aug. 6. As this is written, on Aug. 13, not a word about them has appeared in The New York Times or The Washington Post, nor have they been discussed much or at all on ABC, CBS or NBC News. This is a vivid contrast with the treatment by these news organizations of the charges -- false charges -- by Michael Moore and Democratic Chairman Terry McAuliffe that George W. Bush was AWOL while in the National Guard. A double standard seems to be at work. But then, as Newsweek?s Evan Thomas said on "Inside Washington": ?Let?s talk about media bias here. The media, I think, want Kerry to win.?

 Kerry?s Christmas-in-Cambodia statements, made over many years, seem to be the kind of resume padding that routinely disqualifies political appointees and damages political candidates. His repeated tellings of this story seem more than a little weird, and usually we don?t want people who do weird things to be president. Perhaps by the time you?re reading this appears, the Times, the Post or the broadcast networks will have addressed this issue.

 If they don?t, it?s reasonable to ask why not.

Michael Barone

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