Meredith Turney

Posted October 08, 2009

It’s not often that both the Right and the Left agree on tax policies, but they have found common ground in opposing a new tax system proposed in California.

Posted September 18, 2009

The standard for achieving shock value these days has reached an alarming level. A jaded, cynical, technologically sophisticated populous is inundated with images, behavior and language that just a generation ago would have been considered disgusting and prurient by any community’s standards.

Posted August 20, 2009

With the ascent of the Internet, modern political warfare is now increasingly waged online. The Obama presidential campaign raised millions of dollars through the Internet last year, and in doing so set a groundbreaking benchmark for utilizing social media to engage voters.

Posted August 12, 2009

When government steps outside the bounds of its proper authority, the consequences can be devastating. Too often we’re told that increasing the size and scope of government programs is compassionate or beneficial to society.

Posted August 03, 2009

Florida Gator quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow is known for being an unconventional college football player.

Posted July 23, 2009

As pundits attempt to analyze California’s financial meltdown, there’s talk of how it has become an “ungovernable” state.

Posted July 16, 2009

In the mid 1800s, California was the destination for those seeking untold wealth buried beneath the earth.

Posted July 09, 2009

We’re almost seven months into the Obama Administration’s first term and change is certainly occurring at breathtaking speed. In fact, much of the change is taking place too quickly. Stimulus spending, socialized health care and the cap and tade legislation are being railroaded through Congress, with Democrats frantically prognosticating that if we don’t act fast enough, our nation is doomed.

Posted June 24, 2009

By now, the image of a young woman lying in a Tehran street, her life ebbing from her body, is indelibly etched in the collective conscience of the world. Twenty-six-year-old Neda Agha-Soltan has become a symbolic martyr for the millions of Iranians confronting an oppressive government. It’s fitting that an innocent young woman’s death should be the rallying figure for the movement against a government whose laws treat women as second-class citizens. It is the fairer sex that has historically suffered the most under unjust, repressive regimes and although Agha-Soltan’s murder has attracted worldwide publicity, her death is just the latest cruelty inflicted upon the women of Iran.

Posted June 17, 2009

Within a matter of weeks, the great state of California will be out of money. For months state leaders have warned of the yawning $24 billion budget deficit; even exploiting the deficit they created in a failed attempt to scare voters into increasing their taxes in the May special election. The proposed tax increases and budget gimmickry were soundly rejected by voters, sending a clear message to Sacramento that Californians will no longer finance the bloated, inefficient government’s insatiable appetite for more tax dollars. Now the day of reckoning is upon California, and how the Golden State resolves this massive problem will impact the entire nation.

Posted June 09, 2009

The term “socialism” is being thrown around quite a bit these days, as those who love America’s great capitalist economy and republican form of government warn of an imminent demise.

Posted June 02, 2009

California’s initiative process is officially passé, at least according to the media and those who have recently lost critical battles at the ballot box.

Posted May 26, 2009

In a significant victory for traditional marriage and the democratic process, the California Supreme Court ruled 6-1 today that last year’s passage by popular vote of Proposition 8 was a proper amendment to the state’s constitution.

Posted May 19, 2009

This month three universities will have the honor of the sitting President of the United States delivering their Class of 2009 commencement address.

Posted May 11, 2009

The Republican Party has long been fishing for an issue that will reach out to Hispanic and other minority voters. Now, a three-inch fish may be the key to establishing common ground between that voting bloc and the GOP.

Posted April 30, 2009

It is the height of hypocrisy to ban interrogation techniques on militant enemies of innocent life while refusing to ensure innocent life isn’t carelessly discarded by ruthless abortionists.

Posted April 24, 2009

It may seem utterly impossible, but a fairly decent ruling regarding the Second Amendment came from a California court this week.

Posted April 17, 2009

The nationwide Tea Party movement began as a grassroots effort to protest the exorbitant taxes government imposes on citizens.

Posted April 13, 2009

California cares. At least, that’s how its lawmakers justify the myriad nanny state regulations and laws passed every year.