Meredith Turney

Cameron seems to understand the importance of creating jobs. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly last December, he dismissed pre-release skepticism about “Avatar’s” ability to make money by commenting, “But we still made 2,000 jobs for three years, and that’s a good thing.”

Yes, creating 2,000 jobs is a good thing, but a successful movie, like a successful business, needs to turn a profit in order to survive and pay for those jobs. If Cameron wants to continue raking in the “green” for the movies he makes, he needs to stop supporting causes that kill the jobs enabling movie goers to actually purchase a ticket to his films. And he needs to stop hypocritically telling others to live primitively as he lives luxuriously.

It’s certainly appropriate that Cameron and Schwarzenegger are teaming up against Proposition 23. After years of collaboration on the “Terminator” movies, they’re now busy terminating California jobs.

Meredith Turney

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