Meredith Turney

State Controller John Chiang defied Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s order to implement a federal minimum wage for 200,000 state workers until the state budget is passed—which is currently almost two weeks past its constitutional deadline. A state court ruled the governor had the authority to impose such a pay standard until the legislature and governor agree upon a new budget.

In defiance of both the executive and judicial branches, Chiang whined that his department is physically incapable of issuing a $7.25 per hour paycheck to state workers. An antiquated computer system tied his hands. Considering this is the same politician who last year allocated $2 million in tax dollars to redecorate his office, his pathetic excuses were not well-received by the public. This type of lame excuse seem utterly illogical to a commonsense business world. If cuts must be made and then implemented, they are made.

Apart from the social contract that provides societal order, the life of man is, according to Hobbes, “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short.” Communities and societies are established to protect the weakest among us and administer justice. An orderly society can only exist when citizens agree upon the laws that will govern them and then abide by those rules. Without consent and then obedience, social order unravels quickly. From hooligans on the street, to special-interest-beholden politicians defying separation of powers, both are insidious forms of rebellion against society at large.

Although one form of rebellion is violent and physically destructive, and the other is played out in well-lit, orderly courtrooms, they are both rooted in the same destructive attitude. Anarchists want to destroy social order, preferring the solitary and brutish life described by Hobbes. Self-absorbed politicians bend social order to meet their selfish ends, regardless of the damage inflicted on the delicate balance of governing authority.

Meredith Turney

Meredith Turney is a conservative political commentator, writer and new media consultant.More of her work can be found at