Meredith Turney

As President Obama heads to Copenhagen next week to meet with world leaders at the United Nations Climate Change Summit, there will undoubtedly be countless calls for tighter restrictions on all the demonized activities that supposedly cause global warming. Burning up carbon-based fuel as they fly in on their private jets, wining and dining like the elite, attendees of the Summit will spend days pontificating on the dire state of the planet—caused by the evil, greedy men who aren’t in attendance—and then push radical plans to curb any modern, productive ventures that they perceive as contributing to nebulous “climate change.”

Global warming disciples will denounce America as the chief cause of climate change because of its consumer-driven, greedy, capitalist-based economy. The country that brought about the highest standards of living the world has ever known will be denounced as the greatest danger to the world’s future. To assuage global elitists and offer penance for her sins against Mother Earth, America will be required to subscribe to a new (sub)standard of living.

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What can Americans expect if President Obama agrees to drastic new global warming standards for the entire nation? California offers a cautionary tale.

In 2006, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, global warming convert-turned-zealot, signed Assembly Bill 32 into law. Schwarzenegger—the same man who introduced Humvees to the commercial market—sought to bring the Golden State into compliance with the Kyoto Treaty. The draconian measure requires the state to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to their level in 1990, a nearly 25% reduction.

A mountain of red-tape restrictions and regulations are necessary to achieve the strict reduction goals in AB 32. The first victims of the regulations are the businesses that must lower their productivity in order to comply with the law. The second victims are the employees and consumers who rely upon those businesses. But in the global warming religion, these victims are really just sacrifices for the greater good of the planet—and they’re not nearly as cute as polar bears.

Unable to remain solvent let alone profitable due to the excessive regulations and taxes, businesses are running for the state border. California faces over 12% unemployment and is projected to have a state deficit of $20 billion next year. For the first time since the Great Depression, the state issued IOU’s to placate creditors until the previous budget crisis was resolved earlier this year.

Meredith Turney

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