Mel Martinez

The following speech was delivered by RNC General Chairman Senator Mel Martinez at the annual State Chairmen's Meeting.  He discussed  the optimistic Republican vision for the future, a future in which lower taxes keep the economy growing, in which America stays on the offense in the War on Terror, and a future in which we secure our borders and reform our broken immigration laws.

Senator Martinez: Thank you all very much. Good to be with you today. Thank you, thank you very very much for the warm welcome. And thank you Mike for the very kind introduction it’s mutual we didn’t really know each other and we’ve developed, I think, a very good working partnership for the benefit of the party and I think ultimately for the benefit of our country. I’m proud to work with you in all that we do as Republican leaders at this very important time. And I also want to congratulate Chairman Dawson for a fantastic week you have hosted here for our party you’ve got to be very proud of the way the debate came off and I saw it on TV and it looked great and we’ll talk more about that too in the course of my conversation with you this morning but really thank you and kudos for a great week.

Thanks to all of the RNC staff who have worked so hard to make this meeting a success.

I want to thank most of all, all of you members of our Republican party who every single day are out there spreading what our party message is and making democracy work at the grassroots level and all that you do in your states. Recruiting candidates and volunteers and beefing up our organizations and grounds operations and for giving the special advice and counsel that you give all of us. Sometimes it comes louder than we want but for the most part it’s a good thing to have. And thank you for also talking about our vision for America, the Republican vision for America. That vision is why we’re gathered here today and why we have dedicated ourselves to the hard work that is ahead of us

In January of 1981, when Ronald Reagan took the oath of office as President for the first time, he spoke to a nation that was thirsting for new leadership …a nation that had witnessed gas lines and stagflation … that had seen the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and American hostages being held in Iran.

It was a nation that was wondering if it had lost its way.
But President Reagan knew better.

That morning, he said to the American people, “We have every right to dream heroic dreams.”

Even in challenging times – and our nation has known many of those – America stands for something wonderful and powerful.

A nation of strength … freedom … of hard work … rugged individualism … and yes, also hope.

Mel Martinez

“Mel” Martinez is Florida’s thirty-third United States Senator and is the first Cuban-American to serve in the U.S. Senate.

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