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The ad also claims TransCanada “won’t commit to selling us (the United States) one single barrel,” and cuts to a clip of Executive Alexander Pourbaix saying, “I can’t do that.” This portrayal is so ridiculously out of context that the Washington Post fact checkers claim, “the twisting of Pourbaix’s remarks is especially disturbing, even by the standards of attack ads.”

And the list goes on.

The attack ad against Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli (who had been Virginia’s attorney general) last October claimed Cuccinelli wanted to “eliminate all forms of birth control.” This ad earned Politifact’s award for dishonesty: “NextGen doesn’t have a speck of proof to bolster its incendiary claim…. We rate it Pants on Fire.”

In Iowa, Republican candidate Joni Ernst is a NextGen target with ads claiming she signed a pledge to “protect tax breaks for companies shipping jobs overseas.” And of course, as anyone might well guess, this claim is also false. Ernst signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, an Americans for Tax Reform initiative that opposes tax increases, not a pledge to protect tax loopholes. This claim is not new. It was trotted out in multiple races over the last four years and every single time was put down by fact checkers as false.

Tom Steyer’s NextGen Climate Action is currently targeting candidates in seven states: Florida (Gov. Rick Scott), Colorado (U.S. Senate Candidate Corey Gardner), Iowa (U.S. Senate Candidate Joni Ernst), Pennsylvania (Gov. Tom Corbett), New Hampshire (U.S, Senate Candidate Scott Brown), Maine (Gov. Paul LePage), and Michigan (U.S. Senate Candidate Terri Lynn Land). That list will probably grow as we approach the November election.

Climate Alarmists like Tom Steyer don’t have facts on their side, so they have stooped to lying. They lie about candidates, they lie about hot topic issues like the Keystone XL Pipeline, and they lie about the science behind their claims for global warming, climate change, climate disruption.

Don’t be fooled by incendiary television ads. Do the research yourself, find out the truth behind issues and candidates, and make your own decisions. After all, you are one of the many who have to live with the decisions that voters make and the policies that lawmakers support.

To learn more about the current climate alarmist push in Florida click here and here. For more on the environmental movement as a whole, or particular environmental issues go to

Megan Toombs

Megan Toombs is the Communications and Outreach Coordinator for the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation. Follow her on Twitter @MeganToombs.