Matt  Walter

Other benefits include increased security from hackers, a problem major corporations and Presidential campaigns are constantly battling. Search engines are set to make the new web endings a factor in their algorithms putting those who own sites with a web ending that is relative to the search term higher in search results. iPhone users may have noticed Apple replaced the .com button with just a period, in anticipation of the new web endings.

It was all these reasons that caused the engineer of the political-technology gold standard, Jim Messina, to admit that he was “insanely pissed” that Democrats had missed this key opportunity.

The symbolic $20.16 price for general availability shows that we are focused on taking back control of our country. As such, revenue from .gop sales will be invested directly back into the election of Republicans.

In the coming months, .gop will become open to the public. People will be able to purchase their own .gop web endings in real-time through a process similar to other popular online services. All you have to do is type in your desired web ending, your credit card information and – voila! - You are a pioneer in the new age of the Internet.

The launch of .gop will not cure all of the challenges we face in improving our data and digital “game” but it will help. Our position as the only political party to own our own domain will provide us with a strategic advantage that when combined with other Party efforts on the technology front and Democrats’ disastrous policies - will lead to more voters pulling the handle for us.

Matt Walter

Matt Walter is President of the Republican State Leadership Committee