Matt Towery

Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats recognize how truly scared so many Americans are over their financial future. Scared and confused. Most now know that President Obama and Harry Reid would love to use regulations, executive orders and the force of government to spread red tape all over what is left of our economy. They want to shove coal miners out of work to fight "global warming," want a tax system that encourages large corporations to move overseas and would love to make federal anything that is not locked down and bolted to the ground.

It's why President Obama has miserable approval ratings and Reid likely won't lead the Senate next year.

But the Republicans are no source of solace either. Too often they dance the dance of the corporate world, luring them with promises of tax incentives while throwing hardly a bone to small businesses or hard-working families.

And both parties, in refusing to talk to one another and spending most of their time posturing and pontificating, waste precious time and tax dollars getting little done of real substance.

Oh, yes, the bulls are still running on Wall Street. And the political rhetoric is hotter than a firecracker. But the average American feels left behind and paralyzed with fear. "Do I buy?"... "Do I sell?"... "Do I fold?" Fatigue is setting in for many an American household, and I'm guessing it won't be too long before the public starts clamoring for more than rhetoric ... or for less "bull" be it the financial beast or the waste it leaves behind.

Matt Towery

Matt Towery is a pollster, attorney, businessman and former elected official. He served as campaign strategist for Congressional, Senate, and gubernatorial campaigns. His latest book is Newsvesting: Use News and Opinion to Grow Your Personal Wealth. Follow him on Twitter @MattTowery