Matt Towery

But unfortunately, Mississippi often time finds itself at the bottom of lists related to income, health and education. The ignorant would blame it on "a southern state where backward beliefs and concepts hold a people back." It is more a factor of historical and demographic issues, handled poorly by Democrats many years ago. And sadly, federal funds are a necessary part of solving those problems. Considering the many modern and magnificent aspects of Mississippi, it is a venture worth undertaking.

Certainly when more obvious forms of woe have struck, Cochran's seniority and power on Appropriations have not sparked conservative ire. When Katrina devastated the state, Thad Cochran got the federal dollars needed to put shattered lives back together, and no one complained.

Sen. McDaniel says he wants to end Mississippi as a "welfare state." And that's a worthy goal. But if we are to spend federal dollars, why not at home in our nation, and why not in a state where statistics suggest the greatest domestic need? Why dollars for our near enemies and a grudge against a state that deserves our attention?

Sen. McDaniel is the future of the GOP, and against any other man I wouldn't hesitate to think twice about the matter. But Thad Cochran and his truly beautiful state of Mississippi are a dear and special case and deserve some thoughtful consideration of their own.

Matt Towery

Matt Towery is a former National Republican legislator of the year and author of Powerchicks: How Women Will Dominate America.
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