Matt Towery

Of course, as noted many times before, Republicans love to keep the masses out of their king's court and are notorious for attacking one another. And that brings us back to the potential change in the GOP nomination process.

Having nominated two individuals whose appeal to the American heartland and "middle class" (I still hate that term) was minimal, leaders such as Mr. Evans are seeking a new calendar for nominating a candidate for president. It would preserve traditions such as Iowa and New Hampshire as early contests, but would force other states to hold off until later. The real goal is to give the Midwest, once a major part of any GOP victory against the Democrats, a chance to have a real say in who becomes the GOP nominee.

That's a very smart move for a party that has seen its nomination wrapped up relatively early and generally by whichever candidate wins a relatively early Florida primary. If it could help bring a state like Ohio back into the Republican fold, it would be a stroke of genius. That is if the architects of the new schedule don't forget that they must include Florida as a critical player or risk continuing to lose its massive electoral vote to the Democrats.

As for an earlier national convention date, that too makes sense. In recent years, the GOP has held its convention so late that the nominee hardly had time to blink and the race was over. And with so little time to respond to the natural attack on whomever they nominate for Vice President, the GOP ticket was left with little time to respond to media "gotchas" and slurs.

Now if only the GOP's leaders and advisors can get their act together so they can have a nominee worth supporting.

Matt Towery

Matt Towery is a former National Republican legislator of the year and author of Powerchicks: How Women Will Dominate America.
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