Matt Towery

The pictures of county workers -- paid by taxpayers -- sitting on their rears and not trying to answer the calls of the voters will likely be exhibit one in campaigns against their bosses in the future.

In a county where the seemingly dominant Republican Party is critical to Georgia's "Red State" status many a Republican seems furious over what seems to be a lack of transparency and public input into the stadium deal. Republicans in this "Land of Newt" question any project in which public bonds are used, or taxes rerouted to help a private entity.

But what really has the tea party and even much of the rank-in-file Republican voters upset is the nearly contemptuous manner in which their leaders have responded to requests to slow down, examine the project and allow public input.

When the only countywide elected leader on the Commission, who serves as Chairman, was asked about public hearings, his reported response was, "we've made our decision... were not going to do that."

To Republicans, those are words more likely associated with Barack Obama and his ham-fisted style, not some Republican county politician.

I truly thought that the tea party was dying off, even in states that appeared to be heavily Republican. But with hoards of their members gathering wherever these officials go, with thousands of calls going to elected officials in the county, and serious talk of recall efforts, it is clear that, if riled properly, not only can the tea party rise up, but they can quickly gain the support of many more conservatives and Republicans.

The Braves' current stadium in Atlanta is named after CNN founder and former Braves owner, Ted Turner, and is affectionately called "The Ted." Perhaps, if nothing else, the new stadium will be named "The Newt."

Matt Towery

Matt Towery is a former National Republican legislator of the year and author of Powerchicks: How Women Will Dominate America.
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