Matt Towery

We get it, "Chamber types." Yes, we have to modernize our highways, bridges and roads. And we all realize that other sources of funding just are not in the near future. In fact, in past years, it has made sense to utilize a consumption-based revenue source, such as a motor fuel tax, in place of alternatives such as sales or income taxes that are more broad-based, to address a more specific user-related matter of transportation. We truly get it.

But for goodness' sake, while we are staring at potential military cuts, asking future seniors to consider revamping (and downsizing) expectations as to Medicare and in general trying to force a president who has never met a tax he didn't like to stop seeking new "revenue increases," that's when the U.S. Chamber pops its head up and starts pushing for an inflation-indexed gas tax hike? Who advises these people? How many handmade suits, silk ties and self-appointed "political expert" CEOs did they have to hoodwink into agreeing to such a slap in the face to the average working person at this moment in time?

Marco Rubio delivered a strong and cogent argument for the conservative cause and, by reaching for some water, somehow destroyed the conservative movement and his future political career. Well, if so, let me suggest that the U.S. Chamber took its credibility and any hope it had to convince the public that it is "in touch" and set it completely on fire. There would not be enough water in Rubio's water bottled to douse the flames such Washington-like arrogance could create.

Matt Towery

Matt Towery is a former National Republican legislator of the year and author of Powerchicks: How Women Will Dominate America.
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